Fun for the kids!

Here you will find fun and educational games, activities, and content for kids from our partners!



FEMA Pokemon (TM) Cards (Original Link)


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NWS Owlie Program

Young Children:

NWS Interactive Severe Weather Activity


Weather-Ready Nation-Tornado


Fire Safety for Kids

DHSS Logo Final

Fish Advisory Activity Book

Ready in 3 Activities

Tackle the Flu Coloring Page

Whack the Flu Activity Worksheet


Disney Mickey and Friends Disaster Preparedness Activity Book

Monster Guard App

Pillowcase Project Presenters Guide

Pillowcase Project Youth Workbook

Coloring Pages BC MO EM

Severe Weather Awareness Week Coloring Pages (PDF FORMAT)

2020 coloring pages by R. Cason, Age 18:

National Preparedness Month 2020

2019 coloring pages by R. Cason, Age 16:

Monday Coloring Page: Make a Plan

Tuesday Coloring Page: Tornadoes

Wednesday Coloring Page: Lightning

Thursday Coloring Page:  Hail/Wind

Friday Coloring Page:  Flooding

2018 coloring pages by R. Cason, Age 15:

Sunday Coloring Page: Awareness

Monday Coloring Page: Thunderstorm Safety

Tuesday Coloring Page: Tornado Safety

Wednesday Coloring Page: Flood Safety

Thursday Coloring Page: Lightning Safety

Friday Coloring Page: Alerts

Super Secret Squirrel coloring pages – April/May 2020