Meet the Director


Mark Richerson

Mark Richerson serves as the Director of Benton County, MO Emergency Management.  He is a retired Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Water Division Captain and is passionate about water safety for all boaters.  He has been featured on the radio, in newspapers, and on the local television station BCE TV speaking on this and other important topics.  His number one goal is to promote Emergency Management’s mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery mission statement.

He maintains his FEMA and other training, organizes hands-on training for county fire, police, sheriff, and EMS regularly, works with Benton County, MO CERT and ARES, as well as other volunteer organizations to ensure the safety of our community, and is exceptional at reaching out to agencies like the National Weather Service to build “Blue Sky Partnerships” so our residents have the knowledge and support they need when and if an emergency happens.

He worked with the United States Army Corps of Engineers to bring a downstream notification system to the county.  RAVE provides automatic emergency alerts to everyone in Benton County about things like problems/failure at Truman Dam, straight line winds, hazardous conditions for boaters, and so much more!  You can find out more about it and sign up here!