Here you will find information and the pdf file on the Basic Local Emergency Operations Plan.  The public version of the file has telephone numbers and other sensitive information redacted to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.  The public version gives a very brief overview of how emergencies are handled in our county.

The full version of the LEOP includes directions, instructions, and information the local government uses to protect life and property during times of declared emergencies, both natural and man-made.

The Benton County, MO Emergency Management Agency works with members of the local government, business owners, state and federal government, volunteer organizations, and more to ensure efforts are made to help them protect and save lives and property in the event of large-scale emergencies.

If you have questions regarding anything in the plan, feel free to contact us.

Benton County Local Emergency Operations Plan 2018 (Redacted) PDF

Benton County Health Department SNS Plan PDF

Benton County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan