Here you will find information on meetings, training classes, and more about the Benton County, MO Community Emergency Response Team!

Ready.gov CERT program

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CERT Basic Course

FREE Training Classes:

CERT training MUST be a cumulative minimum 20-hour training course. We have scheduled more hours than necessary each day to allow for practical applications, discussions, questions, and more.

CERT classes are completely free of charge and you do not need to bring anything to class with you. If you register at Deployment Level 2 or above, you will be provided with a complete CERT pack at the conclusion of your training!


CERT Member Identification Number List:  BC MO CERT ID Numbers

CERT FAQ Flyer for use by any CERT team members:  CERT Flyer

CERT Flyer for the front of training binders:  CERT Binder Flyer

All CERT paperwork/forms for CERT team members:  CERT Forms

New CERT Trifold Flyer:  CERT Trifold Side 1 Side 2

BC MO EM CERT trifold

BC MO CERT Bag Checklist – Primary 

 BC MO CERT Bag Checklist – Supplemental