July 2019 CERT Training Class in Lincoln

Week 1-Units 1 (Disaster Preparedness) & 6 (CERT Organization and Paperwork), as well as Emergency Communications training!

Week 2-Units 3 (Disaster Medical Operations Part 1) & 4 (Disaster Medical Operations Part 2)

Week 3-Units 2 (Fire Safety). 5 (Light Search and Rescue), 7 (Disaster Psychology), and 8 (Terrorism and CERT)

Presenting Certificates to our members who assisted with the Lincoln 150th Anniversary Celebration!

Lincoln, MO 150th Anniversary Celebration

June 2019 Surviving Secondary Trauma Training with the Lincoln PD and Compass Health

June 2019 Summit Natural Gas Training

Warsaw Jubilee Days 2019

Preparing for Warsaw Jubilee Days 2019

Helping out in the BC Em Comm trailer!

Inaugural BC MO CERT Monthly Meeting May 2019

May 2019 CERT class!

L-R Trainer Sam Henley, Kellee Bell, John Bell, Caitlin Osborn, Marva Welborn, Nick Camirand, Pam Olson, Teen CERT Renee Cason, Judy Salyer, Ed Welborn, Teen CERT Alex Cason, and Coordinator Barb Vining.
The BC MO CERT class from May 2019 spoke with one of the dispatchers from Benton County Central Dispatch!

Meeting with Lincoln Police Chief Bobby Greene about traffic control for the Lincoln 150th Anniversary/4th of July weekend.

National Telecommunicators Appreciation Week!

March 2019 Carroll County Sandbagging Deployment (Level 4 members)

2018 Simulated Emergency Test and Warsaw’s Heritage Day

September 2018 Training Class

Open House

September 2018 Final Disaster Scenario

March 2018 Training Class

Day 1, March 12, 2018 – Unit 1 (Introduction) and Unit 6 (CERT organization)  BC MO EM would like to thank Marie and Martha for training Units 1 and 6!

Day 2, March 14, 2018 – Unit 3 (Medical Part 1) and Unit 4 (Medical Part 2)  BC MO EM would like to thank those who attended, as well as Nathan Burton for teaching the practicals for the Medical section.  We would also like to thank the Camden County, MO CERT for lending us their wound kit!

Day 3, March 19, 2018 – Unit 2 (Fire Safety) and Unit 5 (Light Search and Rescue) BC MO EM would like to thank Chad Hammond (Deer Creek Volunteer Fire District) and Ron Goodman Sr. (Warsaw Volunteer Fire Department) for training these units.

Day 4:  March 21, 2018 – Unit 7 (Disaster Psychology) with Dr. J. D. Rosenboom with Pathways & Unit 8 (Terrorism) with Deputy Carlisle “Stormy” Walker.

Day 5, March 26, 2018 – Review, Final Written Test, and Practicals!

Christy, Stan, and Kelly all passed their written tests and did a fantastic job on their practicals, including small fire suppression, blanket carry, chair carry, and more!