Benton County, MO CERT

Here you will find information on meetings, training classes, and more about the Benton County, MO Community Emergency Response Team! CERT program

CERT Basic Course

FREE Training Class Dates:

CERT training MUST be a cumulative minimum 20-hour training course. We have scheduled more hours than necessary each day to allow for practical applications, discussions, questions, and more.


CERT classes are completely free of charge and you do not need to bring anything to class with you. If you register at Deployment Level 2 or above, you will be provided with a complete CERT pack at the conclusion of your training!

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BC MO CERT would like to thank the following businesses/organizations for donations (items/money/etc.) to support the volunteers of this great emergency preparedness group:

Benton County Health Departmentmedical supplies for CERT bags

Warsaw Walmart Supercenter #250tools and supplies for CERT bags

Benton County, MO Emergency Management:  CERT bags and basic items for the bags

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(Article from a previous class.)

BCE article 82918

(February 2018) News article by Martha Foster:

(Article from a previous class.) Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) classes have been scheduled for Benton County in Warsaw, MO. The classes will be held at the Warsaw/Lincoln Ambulance Building on Medic Drive on March 12 (Monday), March 14 (Wednesday), March 19 (Monday), March 21 (Wednesday), and March 26 (Monday). The course requires 20 hours of training for certification. The times for the classes will be from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Every participant is to bring his/her own lunch and drinks. There will be no cost to take the classes but an equipment kit will be available for purchase. The course will be facilitated by Mrs. Marie Bowman, a certified C.E.R.T. instructor with assistance from the local EMS personnel who serve the citizens of Benton County. The C.E.R.T. training course will educate individuals about disaster preparedness, the hazards that can impact the immediate areas involved in the disaster and provide training in proper disaster response skills. These skills involve fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, disaster medical operations, life-saving skills with an emphasis on decision-making processes, rescuer safety, what to expect in terms of immediate services and how to do the greatest good for the greatest number of victims. There is a place for everyone to help out if a serious event occurs in Benton County. Another class is being scheduled for September 2018. For more information or to register, please call Martha Foster at (660) 438 – 6927.

PDF of S. Henley’s Magazine article:  CERT and ARES; A Partnership that’s Meant to be!

PDF of M. Richerson’s newspaper article:  BC MO CERT Presents The March 2018 CERT Class!

PDF of S. Henley’s Editorial:  Different Roles for Two CERT Training Classes

BCE news article for the March 2018 CERT Class

Media coverage of the overall CERT program

Caught in a Disaster?  Your Rescuer Might be an Amateur


CERT Member Identification Number List:  BC MO CERT ID Numbers

CERT FAQ Flyer for use by any CERT team members:  CERT Flyer

CERT Flyer for the front of training binders:  CERT Binder Flyer

All CERT paperwork/forms for CERT team members:  CERT Forms

New CERT Trifold Flyer:  CERT Trifold Side 1 Side 2

BC MO EM CERT trifold

BC MO CERT Bag Checklist – Primary 

 BC MO CERT Bag Checklist – Supplemental

CERT Supplemental Training

CERT Emergency Communications

CERT Flood Response Force

CERT Animal Response 1

CERT Animal Response 2

CERT Tools for Leadership Success

CERT Traffic and Crowd Management

CERT Firefighter Rehab

CERT Exercise Swaps

Upcoming BC MO CERT Activities

UPDATE:  Completed!  Thank you to everyone who participated!  
Thank you to everyone who participated! December 8, 2018-BC ARES/BC MO CERT Christmas Party.  The BC ARES has invited the BC MO CERT to a joint Christmas Party!  For more information, see the BC ARES website.

UPDATE:  Completed!  Thank you to everyone who participated!  November 14, 2018-Marie and Sam are hosting a tabletop training exercise for the entire BC MO CERT group.  We will have a guest speaker from Benton County 911 Dispatch attend to talk to the group about what kinds of things the dispatchers need from the CERT members if they need to call in and report an emergency.  The group will continue taking inventory and restocking the CERT packs so they are ready in case they are needed.  Prospective members are encouraged to attend so they can meet the group and sign up for upcoming training classes! 

UPDATE:  Completed!  Thank you to everyone who participated!  October 20, 2018-The BC MO CERT, BC MO EM, and BC MO ARES are taking part in the simulated emergency test hosted by Kansas City and Johnson County.  We will meet at the Benton County 911 Center at 8:30 AM to prepare to deploy small teams of CERT members with an ARES member out to different locations in the county to simulate an emergency and how information will be passed to the EMA and out to other counties.  We invite ALL BC MO CERT members to attend as well as prospective members who wish to learn more about the group!

UPDATE:  Completed!  Thank you to everyone who participated!  October 12, 2018 – Join the trainers and perhaps the first responders who assisted with the Final Disaster Scenario for the September 2018 CERT class in their hot wash (debrief).  We invite the new CERT members as well as existing CERT members to make this a team-building exercise.  Learn the faces of your team members, pack the packs, and meet the first responders who support the CERT in our county!  Join us at 5:30 PM at the 911 building behind the water tower in Warsaw.  1231 Hirsch Pkwy, Warsaw, MO 65355.

UPDATE:  Completed!  Thank you to everyone who participated!  June 13, 2018 – Marie, Martha, and Sam are hosting a tabletop training exercise (a multi-vehicle automobile accident) for the entire BC MO CERT group.  Marie is hoping to have a guest speaker come in to teach the group about traffic control.  The group will also take inventory of existing CERT bags and pack them so they are ready in case they are needed.  Prospective members are encouraged to attend so they can meet the group and sign up for the upcoming September training class!