Pettis/Benton County EMAs Provide Radio Training to Bothwell Hospital!

When Pettis County Emergency Management Director Trisha Rooda reached out to us about putting together a Basic Radio Training Program for presentation to Bothwell Regional Health Center in Sedalia, we jumped at the chance to work with her! EMAs throughout the region (and state!) often work together to bring much-needed training opportunities to various businesses and agencies in our areas!

In this case, Bothwell recently ran an exercise and realized they had difficulty when it came to communicating over the hospital’s handheld transceivers (radios), or HTs as they are often called, and they asked Trisha for help. Trisha was not only amenable to assisting the hospital, she was excited to work with BC MO EM Deputy Director Samantha Henley to scale down what is normally a two-hour training on radio operations to thirty minutes or so which they could give during the hospital’s monthly safety meeting.

Trisha made the trip down to the Benton County 911 building, which is shared with the BC MO EM, to come up with an extremely focused training for the doctors, nurses, and other staff who may find themselves needing to use HTs in emergency situations. Trisha brought vital information on the weaknesses in the hospital’s communications efforts so the training program could directly address those weaknesses. Trisha worked closely with Sam to create scripts the trainees could use to practice, as well as particular slides within the slideshow they used for the meeting.

When it was time to present the training to the safety meeting attendees, they were all paying rapt attention to the training, taking notes, asking questions, and making an effort to better themselves for their hospital and its patients! One of the most important things they learned was how critical it is to firmly depress the push-to-talk button on the radio for the ENTIRE time they needed to pass vital information, because if they didn’t, important information could be missed.

Trisha’s willingness to not only learn for herself, but also for those in her county speaks to her determination, focus, and support of those in her care.

Sam had this to say of the experience, “Training side-by-side with Trisha was amazing! Though it was our first time training together, there was a natural ebb and flow between us, the attendees were engaged, and the training went over very well! I can’t wait to train with her again!”

Overall, the BC MO EM loves working with businesses, agencies, and people within and outside of our county lines; all in the name of cooperation!