BC MO CERT End of Year Update

We left off with our BC MO CERT updates back in July with a new class graduating. We have SO much to tell you about to bring you up to speed on the group’s activities. Without further ado, here we go!

In August, members of the BC MO CERT/BC ARES participated in the Benton County Active Shooter Exercise along with the first responders, school, and other agencies. This opportunity allowed the CERT members to exercise their ability to respond directly to orders from first responders in a simulated emergency situation. Further information on the exercise can be found here.

Then-BC MO CERT Assistant Coordinator Kentton Harris and BC MO EM Deputy Director Sam Henley delivered certificates of appreciation to the food sponsors from the July 2019 CERT training class. The group GREATLY appreciates the amazing support of local restaurants and chains since they hold their trainings during dinner, due to popular demand for evening classes.

We hosted an accelerated, two-day training class for two new CERT members who previously had experience in the medical field, Nancy Powell and Linzie Griffith! Linzie is a psychology student who assists us as a guest trainer for the Disaster Psychology Unit for our CERT training classes.

The BC MO CERT and BC ARES groups participated in Benton County’s Community Appreciation Day in Lincoln! Some impromptu traffic control was also in order that day!

As part of the Region A CERT, some of our members travelled to Johnson County to be part of the final disaster scenario for their graduating CERTs!

A few of our members attended this year’s Show-Me Partnership Conference!

Then things really got busy during the month of October. CERTs participated in Warsaw Pioneer Heritage Days, not only at our own booth, but performing traffic control for the entire weekend.

Because of the hard work and dedication of these volunteers, the Warsaw Chamber donated new CERT packs and Teen CERT packs to our CERT program!

The CERTs participated in the annual ARRL ARES Simulated Emergency Test, which allowed them to roll out from the EMA in real-time so we could log the time it takes to reach locations should we ever need to deploy them for a true emergency. They did an amazing job and their contributions were invaluable to the EMA!

One of the last requests for the BC MO CERT for 2019 was from the Lincoln Police Department to assist with traffic control for the Mayor’s Tree Lighting Ceremony! During this time, the trees were lit, guests enjoyed hot cocoa and cookies, and children were able to ride the little train and make ornaments!

The final request for the BC MO CERT came through the Region A CERT for assistance in searching for missing mother Nicole Mallatt. Level 4 members of the BC MO CERT spent time performing line searches, tree line searches, and creek searches. Though Nicole has not been found as of the date of this article, the CERTs do hope she is found and returned to her family.

To close out the year for the volunteers, Deputy Director Sam Henley hosted a combined BC ARES/BC MO CERT Christmas party for the volunteers. This was the third year for the combined Christmas party and it was a huge hit once again! The volunteers enjoyed a potluck brunch, white elephant gift exchange and some special guests, along with a Year-in-Review slideshow!

We are deeply grateful to the volunteers who give their time, energy, and hearts to serve the people of Benton County! We look forward to working with you all in 2020!

If you are interested in becoming a BC MO CERT volunteer, please contact them at bcmocert@gmail.com or visit their webpage for more information on upcoming classes. You can also visit their Facebook group!