July CERT Training in Lincoln-Week 2

Week two of the FREE CERT training in Lincoln brought us Units 3 (Disaster Medical Operations Part 1) and 4 (Disaster Medical Operations Part 2) with guest trainer Sal Rios! Sal is a former paramedic who now assists his community by training new CERTs!

During Unit 3, new CERTs learned how to recognize and treat the three killers: airway obstruction, bleeding, and shock, as well as the principles of triage and how to conduct triage evaluations.

During Unit 4, they learned about public health considerations, the functions of disaster medical operations, patient evaluation, and basic first aid treatment.

They did a great job and quickly grasped not only the lessons on how to properly perform the procedures, but also how to use the new information to build upon the previous week’s lessons!

Stay tuned for Week 3-Fire Safety and Search and Rescue!