July 2019 CERT Training in Lincoln, MO!

Providing information and training to the fine residents and visitors of our county about emergency preparedness is paramount to the BC MO EM! We hand out pamphlets, keep you up to date on social media, and provide a wide variety of topics and tips here on our website. We have another way to help you actually learn and prepare, as well: Benton County, MO Community Emergency Response Team training!

On July 8, 2019, we began our July training class at Lincoln High School. Included in the class are great volunteers from all over Benton County. During the first two nights of week one, the volunteers learned about disaster preparedness, emergency communications (from the Benton County, MO Amateur Radio Emergency Service), the CERT organization, and the paperwork CERTs use during emergencies and events.

Benton County, MO Emergency Management Director, Mark Richerson, stopped in to inform the new CERTs about our FREE mass emergency alert system for Benton County, RAVE, and the FREE followup messaging app, Smart911. He also discussed the importance of the CERTs and their roles in emergency and non-emergency times!

They were issued CERT packs and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which will clearly mark them as CERT volunteers when they are serving our county!

We have had some great guest trainers so far, including Sal Rios and Kellee Bell! Sal and Kellee were able to bring their personal experiences to the CERT class so they know that the training the CERT program provides is directly applicable to real life.

The BC MO CERT’s founder, Marie Payne-Bowman, conducted the ice breaker for the class. Volunteers were given a piece of cardboard, tape, and construction paper and were instructed to build a four foot tall, freestanding tower in 15 minutes. Both teams were successful!

Week two of training has begun, so stay tuned for updates!