Truman Lake Info Daily Update – June 21, 2019

Current Truman Lake Level:734.42

Current CFS Release:50,000 cfs

Projected CFS releases and date: 50,000 cfs  June 22 ,2019

                                                     50,000 cfs  June 23 ,2019

                                                     50,000 cfs  June 24 ,2019

                                                     50,000 cfs  June 25 ,2019

                                                     50,000 cfs  June 26 ,2019

Releases from Truman Dam can change with minimal notice. 

Area information:

Sterett Creek Marina & Hotel opening this Saturday, Shuttle service available.

State Park Marina shuttle service available.

Long Shoal Marina shuttle service available from 8-4.

Osage Bluff Marina should have access by this weekend.

Berry Bend high water ramp is the only open USACE access to Truman Lake.

All USACE camp grounds closed with the exception of a portion of the Thibaut Point camp ground.

USACE personnel continue to monitor the project and equipment as per standard operating guidelines.

The Dam is operating as designed.

Safety information:

Floating debris on the lakes is a major safety concern.  Wear your pfd and be very cautious on the water.