Truman Lake Update 6/12/19

Last night Truman and Bagnell ramped up discharge to approximately 50,000 cfs. This required Bagnell to open spill gates. Anytime gates are used, the discharge is spread evenly across all 12 gates. This morning at 0700 Truman adjusted discharge to 60,000 cfs to help evacuate their flood pool. Per Amerens operating license Bagnell will adjust discharge to match Truman discharge. The Lake of the Ozarks will be on a slow rise as all inflow that comes directly into the Lake of the Ozarks will be stored until the lake reaches 660.0. At that time the flood rules will take effect. The flood rules are designed to make Bagnell discharges mirror the flows that would exist if Bagnell dam was not here. Truman does not expect to make further increases to discharge at this time.

With rain in the forecast it is all that much more important to make room in Truman’s flood pool. PLEASE keep in mind that changes in river levels, rain, or inflows to either Truman or Bagnell dam can change release amounts.