BC MO CERT/BC MO EM help with Jubilee Days Preparations!

As Mark works diligently with the US Army Corps of Engineers on the daily reports for our website and monitoring the lake levels, Sam manages the volunteer effort assisting with Jubilee Preparations!

Today, and for the rest of the week, members of the BC MO CERT, Teen CERT, and the BC ARES will be working with Sam, the commissioners, the chamber, the Warsaw PD, and more, to place barricades, assist with traffic control, run a combined EMA/CERT/ARES table, and anything else they can do to lend a hand with the recently relocated festivities!

We would like to thank the CERT/ARES volunteers for the hard work they have already put in and for their upcoming efforts over the rest of the week! You definitely make our jobs a little easier!

Photo credit: R. Cason KE0LMZ Teen CERT member