Secondary Update 5/31/19

Afternoon update: 1:20 pm

Current Truman Lake Level:738.80 as of 7 am

Projected crest level and date:739.71 on 6/4/2019

Current CFS Release:24,000 cfs

Projected CFS releases and date:24,000 cfs thru June 3,2019

UPDATED – spill will increase from 8,000 cfs to 14,000 cfs today, around 6-7 pm, with a total of 30,000 cfs this evening

Area information:

Previous record crest from 1986 of 738.72 surpassed at midnight.

All USACE camp grounds closed with the exception of a portion of the Thibaut Point camp ground.

Berry Bend high water ramp is the only open USACE access to Truman Lake.

Road across Truman Dam and East Bledsoe Ferry areas closed till further notice.

Truman Dam and Levy system under 24 surveillance and increased inspections as per their standard operating procedures. Expect to see increase in USACE personnel in and around their facilities.

The Dam is operating as designed.

Safety information:

Floating debris on the lakes is a major safety concern. Wear your pfd and be very cautious on the water.

The current lake level projections are with no additional rain. Releases from Truman Dam can change with minimal notice. Please take this time to prepare for higher releases.

No evacuations at this time.