BC MO CERT Prepares for Jubilee Days

The BC MO CERT is working on its traffic control signals for Warsaw Jubilee Days. The members are practicing their skills with and without traffic batons and want to share their knowledge with you! To do this, we will be creating a flyer which shows the signals with and without traffic batons so you can correlate the matching signals with their meanings. We want you to recognize the signals when you see them. Many people have never seen traffic batons in use and this is the BC MO CERT’s chance to display its skills with these useful tools.

Thank you to brand new BC MO CERT Assistant Coordinator Kellee Bell for demonstrating the signals! We are excited to work with you!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the BC MO CERT or would like further information, please email BC MO CERT Coordinator Barb Vining at bcmocert@gmail.com or call 573-694-1098.

The BC MO EM, BC MO CERT, and BC ARES will have a combined table at Jubilee Days! Feel free to come by for a visit, ask questions, and get to know us! All three groups are here for the residents of and visitors to our great county!