BC MO CERT to Participate in Lincoln’s 4th of July Celebration!

BC MO CERT Coordinator Barb Vining and BC MO EM Deputy Director Sam Henley met with Lincoln Police Chief Bobby Greene to arrange for the CERT members to run traffic control during Lincoln’s 4th of July and 150th Anniversary Celebration weekend!

After having met with the council in charge of the event and creating a plan for traffic control and parking for the mornings of the 4th-6th of July, Barb and Sam sat down with the chief to work on a plan to allow CERT members to give Lincoln’s police officers breaks during the three day weekend.

The BC MO EM will provide the county’s Emergency Communications trailer to serve as the command post for the joint effort and members of the EMA, CERT, and ARES will man the trailer during that time.

This event will follow the efforts the EMA, CERT, and ARES will contribute to in June for Warsaw’s Jubilee Days, for which they will provide the same support!