March Summary

The employees of the BC MO EM were in a constant state of motion in March! Among the RAVE continued launch, USACE Open House, tabletop exercise, SEMA exercise, sandbagging efforts in Carroll County, Stop the Bleed training, and Benton County’s Emergency Communications Trailer project, there was plenty to keep us busy!

Some of our topics for this summary have been covered in-depth in previous blog posts linked below.

March 8 Em Comm Trailer Update

March 16 USACE Open House

March 16 USACE Tabletop Exercise

March 26 Sandbagging in Carroll County

Thank you to the Benton County Healthcare Coalition for bringing the Stop the Bleed training to our county! Sam was able to learn the proper use and application of tourniquets and gain her certification! This adds one more layer of training to previous skills learned in CERT training and she looks forward to encouraging more of our residents to take the training, too!

Work on the RAVE system and implementation continues. Director Mark Richerson is working daily to set up premade templates for rapid deployment in case the need arises for our office to send out mass notifications to the residents and visitors of Benton County. Mark continues to work with the Corps and members of the NWS to create the parameters for the program to automatically send out life-saving notifications in times of emergency.

Please make sure you sign up for the alerts available through the free Smart911 app. As previously mentioned, ALL landlines in the county have been preloaded, but we had no way to know or input cell phones and email addresses. We need your help to provide you with important emergency notifications, so visit our RAVE page to find out about ways to sign up.

One of the most important training sessions which occurred in Kansas City toward the end of March was Missouri State Emergency Management Agency’s “Up a Creek” Full-Scale Exercise. This exercise was based on the flooding event which occurred in the city in 2017 and allowed participants to fully experience and take part in an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activation during a large-scale event.

Representatives of the BC MO EM and the BC ARES were invited to participate in the exercise and performed well! They were complimented by multiple exercise observers as well as the gentleman acting as the Emergency Management Director for the exercise. We are proud of our representatives and are glad they were able to learn important lessons to bring back to the county. These exercises and lessons allow us to be better prepared in case something happens in our own county!

As usual, we are already hard at work on all of the activities for April, so visit us soon for updates!