CERTs from Across the Region Assist with Sandbagging in Carroll County!

First, let us say that there are a number of volunteer groups and dozens of volunteers working in Lafayette and Carroll Counties to fill sandbags and reinforce levees. They have systems in place to make filling and moving sandbags as efficient as possible and the operations are running well! We saw so many volunteers working tirelessly, filling hundreds of sandbags, to protect the levee and in turn their homes, farms, equipment, businesses, and more.

Next, the efforts of the Johnson County Community Emergency Response Team are amazing! Not only are they working day in and day out, but they are organized and a pleasure to work with during this event. They have strong, direct leadership and a clear sense of purpose, expecting (as all volunteers do) no accolades for their efforts! All of the CERTs are equally hardworking and determined, proving the heart and mission of this nationwide organization!

We want to take just a moment to thank the members of the BC MO CERT for their efforts. Though they were there for a short time, they were warmly welcomed and went right to work, helping wherever extra pairs of hands were needed! When people ask what CERT does, this is part of the answer. They don’t just respond after large-scale emergencies. They respond before emergencies to protect and prevent damage when possible!

Finally, we want to recognize the efforts of the Carrollton Trojans baseball team! Sam was working with them at the sand pile they were working and everyone, from the coach down to the youngest players, were persistent and determined to obliterate the pile of sand before them! Their spirits were high and the banter helped to move the continuous task of filling sandbag after sandbag along! What a great team!

We hope that residents of Benton County will be encouraged to come take CERT training class with Sam and Barb (Barb Vining, BC MO CERT Coordinator) soon! Benton County CERT could really use your help!