BC MO EM Takes Part in USACE Open House!

On Wednesday, March 13, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE or Corps for short) hosted an open house about the safety rating of Truman Dam. We have shared videos of the open house (courtesy of the Camden County EMA) as well as numerous articles from the Corps and various other outlets on our Facebook page. The official quote from the Corps is, “Truman Dam is currently operating as designed and is NOT under a current threat for breach due to a structural problem with the dam.”

We would like to talk about the great interaction with you, our residents and visitors, during the Open House. Our upcoming Benton County, MO Community Emergency Response Team (BC MO CERT) Coordinator, Barb Vining, was able to speak with a number of people and groups about CERT training, which would be the best way for you to get involved, train, and help in case of a large-scale emergency. To learn more about the BC MO CERT, visit their webpage or Facebook group.

Deputy Director Sam Henley was at the entrance doors with Barb and welcomed everyone to the open house, as well as answering questions about Benton County’s new downstream notification and emergency alert system RAVE/Smart911. She even demonstrated how to download a QR Scanner onto a smartphone so a resident could scan our QR Code associated with Smart911!

Director Mark Richerson alternated between the auditorium with the Corps’ representatives (where he was answering questions and making notes to bring back to the office and work on, which we will answer here on our website over the next few weeks) and the lobby, speaking one on one with residents. He is extremely hands on with the RAVE project and wants to educate everyone on the system and the importance of “opting in” for the follow up service, Smart911. You can find more information about RAVE in our January Recap.

Also in attendance to assist with greeting residents and visitors and to answer questions was Benton County, MO Amateur Radio Emergency Service (BC ARES) Assistant Emergency Coordinator, Ken Vining (KE0QAL). He was able to answer some amateur radio questions, educate residents about the availability and capabilities of the BC ARES, and offer suggestions to a few curious, future hams!

What we hope our residents took away from the open house was a better understanding of Truman Dam and the Rave/Smart911 system. We hope that meeting us and being able to ask us questions and relaying your feelings helped to put your minds at ease while simultaneously raising your level of awareness and willingness to be prepared.

Watch our site for future articles to help you with your preparedness efforts!

Image courtesy of the US Army Corps of Engineers.