February Summary

February brought us the opportunity to expand our training with the Region A Coordinators meeting followed by the Region A Up A Creek Seminar, hosted by the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency. This seminar illustrated the importance of damage assessments and proper paperwork after flooding incidents. BC MO EM Deputy Director Samantha Henley was accompanied by BC ARES/BC MO CERT/BC MO EM Volunteer Ken Vining for the seminar. We encourage our volunteer organizations to take part in training pertaining to any tasks we may have them do in the future. If you are interested in volunteering with the BC ARES, BC MO CERT, or with the BC MO EM, please contact us!

Mark and Sam met with representative of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers on the continued roll-out of Rave. Members of the National Weather Service attended the meeting to work out how weather alerts would be distributed in coordination with the system. All three groups are meeting again on March 13th to continue the effort to use the system to protect residents and inform them of changes to the dam (downstream notification system) and other ways RAVE can be used within the county.

While they were in town, the representatives of the NWS gave a seminar on low water training. We recorded segments and will be posting the links as soon as we upload them. Check back on this post for the update.

Deputy Director Sam Henley has worked with dispatchers at Benton County Central Dispatch to put together a flyer to help people learn what information dispatchers need from you when you call 911. You can find the article here.

February also saw the start of a countywide exercise planning committee for 2019. The group included representatives from Fire, Sheriff, Police, Health Department, EMS, County Commissioners, Central Dispatch, and EMA. Agencies work together on tabletop training and full-scale exercises each year to test our emergency operations plans, communications, and resources. This is an integral part of the county’s mission to keep the residents and visitors safe during emergencies, both natural and man-made.

Pictured: Nathan Burton (Warsaw Lincoln Ambulance District), Steve Daleske (Presiding Commissioner), Chief Robert Greene (Lincoln Police Department), Mark Richerson (Benton County Emergency Management Director), Brooke Daleske and Barry Pabst (Benton County Health Department). Also in attendance but not pictured: Glen Nelson (Northside Commissioner), Chief Mike Rambow (Lincoln Community Fire Department), Joy Burkhart (Benton County Central Dispatch), Jeff Canfield (Benton County Sheriff’s Office/Local Emergency Planning Committee), and Samantha Henley (Benton County Emergency Management Deputy Director).