January Recap

Was anyone really surprised when we finally had a little snow and cold temperatures this winter? Many of us weren’t and we wondered where they were, to be honest!

Despite the frigid temperatures, a lot of work was going on behind the scenes at the BC MO EM. Mark and Sam worked on fine tuning the different aspects of the new emergency notification system in Benton County, RAVE.

Very soon, you will begin seeing posters at campgrounds, boat docks and ramps, convenience stores, businesses, and anywhere else we can put them up. These posters have the QR Code which residents and visitors with smartphones can scan to download and update the sister app for RAVE, called Smart911. Don’t worry. If you don’t have a smartphone, we have a link on our RAVE page you can click on to use instead! Just click here!

RAVE alerts are automatically pushed out to phones in a way that is similar to Amber alerts, wireless emergency alerts, and more. Follow up alerts are pushed out through our FREE Smart911 app. In order to receive these follow up alerts for ongoing situations, you will need to sign up for RAVE through the Smart911 app. Signing up for the RAVE alerts through Smart911 will allow you to essentially personalize the information YOU want to provide, including your cell phone numbers, email addresses, and any other methods of communication you wish to use to receive the alerts.

The biggest reason our director, Mark Richerson, worked so hard with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to bring RAVE to Benton County was to implement a downstream notification system for people living and working below Truman Dam. If something happens to the dam, Mark and the USACE want a way to push out information quickly to as many people as possible. Though we all hope this is never necessary, part our our job here at the BC MO EM is to consider, plan for, and try to prevent emergencies. Working with first responders, dispatchers, the USACE, local businesses and agencies, volunteer organizations, and more, allows us to work together to try to protect our residents.

We especially want to thank the USACE for fully funding the RAVE project. They have been amazing partners in our efforts to set up, understand, and implement RAVE here in Benton County. Their efforts to protect the residents have gone above and beyond everything we could have hoped for and we look forward to working with them to build a great partnership which will stand long into the future!

On another note, the Benton County Emergency Communications trailer project was stalled for a bit due to the weather, but on Saturday, wiring was installed which will power the trailer. The primary source of power will be a generator, but the BC ARES has a contingency plan to use solar panels and deep cycle batteries as the back up power for the trailer.

We would like to take a moment to thank Ken’s Custom Homes for the fantastic floor plan and rendering they created for the Em Comm trailer. You can find this information and more here.

We will continue into 2019 with our mitigation and preparedness plans and will keep you updated on our efforts to help protect our residents as the year continues!

Thank you so much for all of the support you have shown to the BC MO EM! Mark and Sam are grateful for the wonderful volunteers and outpouring of encouragement for the projects they take part in and lead!

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