Winter Photo Request Receives Overwhelming Response!

Hello, Benton County!

Yesterday, we decided to try a little bit of outreach to you, not knowing how you would respond. We are THRILLED that we did! We asked you for your snow pictures and WOW did you come through!

One of the reasons we need photographs is for the graphics we design for our website and Facebook page. Instead of using stock photos, we wanted to use photos from our very own county. Another reason we asked for them is because the National Weather Service and State Emergency Management Agency often request updates about the amount of snow our county received, if damage occurred, and how widespread weather events are, so with your help we can turn in accurate, visual representations!

We are so grateful for the outpouring of cooperation and support! Not only did we receive photographs, but nearly all of you granted us permission to use them! Thank you!

Below you will find some of the ones we received releases for; is yours there? Don’t worry if it’s not, we could only fit a certain number on the graphic. We have a file with EVERY photo and EVERY release we received and they will pop up in our graphics over time!

Once again, thank you for the amazing show of cooperation and support, Benton County!