Warsaw Christmas Parade

We had a fantastic time last night at the Warsaw Christmas Parade!  The turnout was amazing, the participants brought their A-game, and there were several highlights! *Note:  While we were not able to get pictures and mention every float and participant for our blog, we are thankful to everyone who took part in and behind the scenes of the parade!

One of the things we found hilarious was that Sheriff Eric Knox was positioned directly behind the float carrying the Grinch!  One of Warsaw Fire Protection District’s Junior Firefighters asked the sheriff if he was going to arrest the Grinch, to which he replied, “If I have to!”  We LOVE the holiday spirit!

We were happy to see the young ladies of the Royal Courts!  Despite the chilly weather, they were all smiles for the parade crowd!

(Sorry for the blurry pictures on the next section.  We think it’s a mixture of the horses moving quickly and our deputy director shivering!)

Several saddle clubs and the rodeo featured horses and riders!  We love the Christmas lights on both!

We also enjoyed the miniature horse and (on the opposite end of the size spectrum) the clydesdales!

The children, staff, and parents of the local schools did a great job, as well!  The band provided Christmas music and they and their instruments were decorated!

Many of the participants tossed candy out to the children in the crowd!  All in all, it was a ton of fun and really got us into the Christmas spirit!