November Update!

This month has been all about wrapping up projects, beginning new projects which will continue through 2019, and getting ready for December’s festivities!

After months of hard work, the full Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP) was completed.  This plan dictates the chain of command, how large-scale emergencies are handled, and how to begin recovery after these emergencies occur.  The redacted, Basic LEOP can be found here.

Part of Director Mark Richerson’s duties include ensuring this plan is updated, distributed to those who have key roles, and maintained throughout the year.  Mark and Sam took the time to eliminate unnecessary verbiage to streamline the plan and make it more user friendly.  Mark’s belief was if the plan was too convoluted or detail-intensive, others may not use it.  His hope is the streamlined LEOP will give guidelines to those involved but not restrict them while they are trying to do their jobs helping the members of our county.

With the conclusion of the LEOP, Mark and Sam have shifted into overdrive on the new RAVE notification system!  Some information has already gone out via our Facebook page, website, and through flyers on Community Appreciation Day this year.  RAVE serves primarily as a downstream notification system should something happen to Truman Dam.  It will also be used as a way to warn boaters when conditions are severe enough to warrant an evacuation of the lakes’ waters.  RAVE works similar to the Amber Alerts and the Weather Emergency Alert system.  You will not have to sign up for anything for these “Push” notifications.  As a secondary part of RAVE, the mobile app Smart911 will allow you to enter information YOU want to enter, though we are most concerned with your name, address, phone numbers, and email, as these are the means which we use send out further notifications.  You can learn more here.  More information will follow as we continue to set up the RAVE system for our county!

Finally, the month of November has seen the BC MO EM gearing up for all of the festivities of December!  We released information about cold weather, heater and fireplace, and Christmas light safety.  We want our residents to stay happy and safe during this holiday season and encourage everyone to share their tips and photos with us!  We are looking forward to December and the joy it brings!