Monthly Update for October 2018!

New BC MO CERT members Scott and Lee Hydeman participated in CERT’s final disaster scenario on Oct. 1, 2018.
BC MO EM Deputy Director and BC ARES EC Samantha Henley KE0LMY organized and ran the ARRL Simulated Emergency Test held on Oct. 20, 2018 with Johnson and Benton counties.

October was another busy month for our staff here at the BC MO EM!  Our CERT class’s final disaster scenario, the ARRL Simulated Emergency Test, Warsaw Pioneer Heritage Days, and more made for great training for not only our office, but also for the wonderful volunteer groups who are active here in our county.

We would like to thank a number of businesses and organizations for their assistance with the CERT class and specifically with the final disaster scenario.  First, thank you to the Warsaw Christian Church for allowing CERT to use their site for the scenario.  Next, thank you to Warsaw Fire Protection District and the Warsaw-Lincoln Ambulance Barn for those who provided paramedics and firefighters during the scenario.  Thank you to the Warsaw High School Drama Department for the students who created the moulage (fake wounds) and acted as “victims” during the scenario!  Finally, we would like to thank the dinner sponsors for the course including McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Subway, and Sonic!  We intend to release a report on the full final disaster scenario and it will be posted on our BC MO CERT page.

Samantha has already written extensively about the ARRL Simulated Emergency Test and it can be found here on the EC Blog.

The BC MO EM, BC ARES, and BC MO CERT were proud to assist the Warsaw Police Department with traffic control for Warsaw Pioneer Heritage Days this year.  We had volunteers assist on both Saturday and Sunday.  We now plan to have our volunteer groups participate with traffic control each year during both Jubilee Days, as well as Heritage Days.  Thank you so much to those individuals who offer their time to assist us and our county!

We look forward to the continued forward momentum we have started and we are very excited about coming projects including an Emergency Communications (EM COMM) trailer, RAVE (the notification system), and more!