August 2018 Update!


As is always the case, the BC MO EM team has been working hard for our residents this month!  From working on the next phase of the downstream notification system to preparations for BC MO CERT training for September 2018 to the annual Missouri State Emergency Management Conference, we have barely stopped to sleep!  We are so excited and honored to be working on these projects and events for you!

Mark and Sam had a couple of activities they participated in together this month.  They both attended a meeting of the Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC) to hear about the items, training, etc. for which their funds can be used by the commission in the course of handling hazardous materials in and traveling through our county.  Mark and Sam also attended the Benton County Healthcare Coalition meeting.  At this meeting, they provided BC MO EM assistance and support to the members for current, ongoing, and future exercises, programs, and any other things the members may need.  Finally, Mark and Sam attended the annual Missouri State Emergency Management Conference.  This conference is provided by the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) to assist those involved with networking, training, and gives those in emergency management access to vendors and services which may be needed in times of large-scale emergencies.  The agenda and information about the conference can be found here.

Mark has been working with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) here at Truman Dam to bring the downstream notification system into the home stretch!  After he and Sam complete the next phase of training on how to properly and fully utilize the system, they will be rolling it out to you, our residents, for a full notification experience!  Jim Sandberg and his team from the USACE have been working just as diligently on assisting the BC MO EM to implement this critical notification system.  We appreciate their assistance, cooperation, and willingness to learn the new system as well!

Sam and BC MO CERT members took part in the 2018 Benton County Active Shooter Exercise which took place on the tenth.  Information on the event can be found here.  She would like to once again extend her appreciation to the wonderful volunteers who assisted in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)!  Sam also met with a new BC MO EM volunteer, joined the American Red Cross, and met with the trainers for the September BC MO CERT classes.  Sam would like to thank BC MO CERT Coordinator Marie Payne-Bowman, Guest Trainer Christy Barber, Assistant Coordinator Martha Foster, and volunteer Renee Cason for their assistance with the two CERT open houses on the 27th.  This event introduced the Community Emergency Response Team program to members of the community who didn’t know about the program and gave them a chance to signup for the free September training classes.  Information on the BC MO CERT can be found here.

In her capacity as the Emergency Coordinator for the Benton County, MO Amateur Radio Emergency Service (BC ARES), Sam attended the Rural Region A Healthcare meeting where she reported her previous month’s Rural Region A Healthcare amateur radio net numbers to the coalition.  This net was set up to give the healthcare facilities in Region A a redundant source of communications they can depend on in case the primary forms of communication fail or are inaccessible during large-scale emergencies.  She also began the process of assisting the Golden Valley Clinic with their efforts to purchase, install, and learn to use amateur radio equipment so they can participate in the Rural Region A Healthcare Coalition efforts for redundant communication.  Sam also offered to tutor members of the staff on their journey toward their technician class amateur radio licenses.

The month of September already finds the BC MO EM team in high gear!  We’ll have a report for you on those activities in a couple of weeks!