June’s Activities Kept Us Hopping!

Our apologies for the delay in the monthly review for June, but July’s training and activities have barely given us time to sit down.  Here we go!

During the month of June, Mark was involved in Emergency Operations Center training in Chillicothe, finalizing plans for a downstream notification system with the Army Corps of Engineers (rolling out to the public after training and setup with the EMA and the Army Corps!), attended the inaugural Rural Region A Emergency Management Coalition meeting, hosted the quarterly Fire Chiefs’ meeting, updated his FEMA certifications, and secured Memorandums of Understanding and Agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA.

Together, Mark and Sam continued work on the Local Emergency Operations Plan, filing updates and revisions to the A, B, and C annexes and distributing the final drafts out to the appropriate people for review before they will be placed in the record.  This is one of the most important jobs the EMA does, as it guides the management of the EOC and helps decision-makers and all involved know who is responsible for each part of the plan during and after life-altering, large-scale emergencies.

Sam was active once again with her role as the point of contact for volunteer groups, taking part with the BC ARES (as it’s Emergency Coordinator, rather than as the Deputy Director of the BC MO EM) in ARRL Kids Day and ARRL Field Day, as well as hosting the June 2018 BC MO CERT tabletop exercise with Marie Payne-Bowman and Martha Foster.  Sam began the labor-intensive project of creating paperwork for all volunteers (excluding firefighters and private groups, as they have their own system) in Benton County, regardless of which group or groups they are affiliated.  This is a HUGE undertaking and it will make efforts in tracking volunteers and their hours more manageable for both the EMA and the county, should a large-scale disaster ever occur.  Sam and Martha (Foster) are creating personnel files for the BC MO CERT and will be hosting the September 2018 BC MO CERT training class with Sal Rios, Christy Barber, and the professional guest teachers invited in to cover their respective units.  Sam has continued her FEMA, SEMA, and other mandatory training, as well.

We can already tell you that July has been a packed month, too!  We can’t wait to bring you the update, so stay tuned!