BC MO CERT Tabletop Review!

red and yellow hatchback axa crash tests
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On Wednesday, June 13, the BC MO CERT held its first tabletop of 2018.  This scenario covered a multivehicle accident with several adult victims and a school bus load of twenty children. 

We had a number of attendees, including existing CERT members, Deputy Stormy Walker from the Benton County Sheriff’s office, Marie (the CERT coordinator), Martha (the assistant CERT coordinator), Sam (BC MO EM Deputy Director), and a few potential CERT members who will be attending the training class in September.

At the conclusion of the tabletop, the participants and evaluators were asked to fill out feedback forms.  Our goal with these was to learn how we can improve the training for our members. 

Some of the positive comments included:  ICS commander was decisive in assignments for the team, everyone had different areas of expertise, good paperwork describing the scenario, good response to medical needs, and good cataloging of the scene.

We also asked for comments on how we can improve the training in the future.  Some of the areas for improvement included:  need to review basic CERT info and training individually, more active contact with 911, better communication, more detail, provide vehicle numbers on assessment forms, provide a place for victim assessment on forms, more description on the site, have fire personnel and 911 operator at the tabletop, have children checked by adults, took too much time to establish priorities, and better establish a command structure.

Our next BC MO CERT training course is scheduled for Mondays and Thursdays in September (evening hours, info can be found here).  We want to encourage not only future CERT members to attend but also existing members who can use it as a refresher course.

Our next tabletop exercise is planned for November 14, 2018.  As the time draws nearer, we will post more information about it to our website and Facebook page.  Our goal is to help our members understand how to act as an effective team to do the greatest good for the greatest number before the first responders arrive.

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