Eye-catching new Official Updates graphics released!

Work on our website and Facebook page continues!

Here, you will see the new template we will be using for Official Updates during severe weather and/or emergencies. We hope this will help those who rely on our page, for important information during these situations, to easily find these posts in their Facebook feed and on the blog here on our website!

BC MO EM Official Update template

We are aware that misinformation, rumors, and false news are a tremendous problem during severe weather and emergencies, so we have a few ideas up our sleeve to aid you, our residents, in knowing the information truly comes from BC MO EM or a reliable source, usually one of our government partners.  Building a good reputation with our followers and residents is important to our office and we will work every day to ensure that we protect and uphold that reputation.

Thank you to everyone who supports, partners with, and follows us!