A Busy Week Makes for Measurable Progress!


This week has been very busy.  We’ll focus on Wednesday through Friday for the sake of this update.

On Wednesday, Mark and Samantha met with Marie Payne-Bowman, the Community Emergency Response Team Coordinator for Benton County.  Together, they launched a new webpage for Benton County, MO CERT, complete with a new logo, to give the public a way to become familiar with the program and a way to reach Marie.  The upcoming CERT training class calendar has been posted and we welcome anyone interested in participating (either taking the class or volunteering to assist) to contact Marie!

On Thursday evening, Steve Runnels from the National Weather Service coordinated with the BCMOEM to provide a Tactical Storm Spotter training class.  This differs from the regular Storm Spotter training class because it targets first responders, dispatchers, and ham radio operators so they can learn to clearly describe what they see.  This, in turn, lets the dispatchers in contact with the NWS office provide accurate information in a timely manner so watches and warnings for severe weather can be relayed to the public.

On Friday morning, the Benton County Healthcare Coalition came together to discuss their plans for the health and welfare of the residents of Benton County.  Six healthcare centers were represented, as well as MARC, ODH, and even the mayor!

Information and pictures from Thursday and Friday can be found here.

Now that we have established our blog, we look forward to bringing you more exciting information and opportunities!